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Personal Empowerment, Combatting Energy Vampires and My Current Creative Work

Using My Creativity for Personal Empowerment to Combat Energy Vampires I don't usually talk about the current manuscript(s) I'm working on, because I have historically been very guarded about my work. This is a learned behavior. This isn't my nature. But I have been wounded by sharing new work and new ideas with people who were all too eager to swat them down. No fun.

I'm starting to do things a little differently nowadays, so here is a post that talks a little bit about the creative writing I'm working on right now.

What I'm working to create this time around is a book that's a hybrid of journal entires and poetry. A lot of my beloved John Wiener's books are like this, though this isn't where my desire to do this comes from. I had the idea a while ago, while in graduate school. I didn't really have any support for this venture from the faculty I worked with, though. (I have a complicated relationship with my MFA. It's best compared to the …

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