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Welcome to the 2018 Patio Container Garden - A Full Tour of My Fairy Garden in the City

A Tour of the Patio Container Garden with Herbs, Flowers, and Succulents Featuring Faerie Garden Accents and Upcycled Furniture
I'm in love. It's real and deep. And we will spend so much time together this Summer! ... It's my patio garden -- and it is amazing.

The Patio Garden - The Overall Effect

If this looks like it was a lot of work, it's because it really really was! Hahaha. But worth every bit of effort because it's like having an extra room of the house, when the weather is nice. I wanted to take pictures that showed what it looks like from the different sides of the patio half walls. I built up using veritical space with various "upcycled" items. More vertical space means more room for containers! Here are some ideas for building that all-important vertical space if you have a patio or porch garden.

The Modular Wire Cube Wall for Building Vertical Container Garden Space

I have had these modular wire cubes from Target for a while. I brought them o…

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