#NewOrleans Poems

Just before the five year anniversary of #HurricaneKatrina, my mother moved to NOLA. I helped her move herself down there. She's been there for five years now. This Sunday is the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina touching land. It struck New Orkeans and created disaster on August 29. I go to New Orleans at least once a year, often for almost two weeks. Since I am a poet, I often find myself incorporating this sister city of mine, now that its been adopted by my mother.

Prayer to New Orleans

Help me VooDoo City
help me hurricane ghost winds
blighted streets, mossy trees
patchy trunk myrtles, burdocks, irises
purple green and yellow decorations
Ash Wednesday

For forty days I give up

Giving in to my addiction to escaping
The present for hope of the past
I will hope for the future

I will really love myself
I will really believe
I deserve it all

Live that life
See what comes of it

this isn't how I wanted to feel tonight

oh lady of unrequited love
you malingerer, you harlot
you card, you character, caricature

I'm surrendering to the moon
I'm going to talk about
Uncomfortable things
Like what the floozy wants

This restlessness, this anxiety

Now I am a lady with a feather in her hair
Dry lips and bangs falling in her face
It's black outside and so very snapping cold
No one is around to woo me or charm me or care
And while it is some comfort that the wrong person
Is not here either, still there is no one
Still still an empty restless night

Spell for Detaching

start with a shoehorn
run away from the bridge
catch your breath then
walk along the beach in early spring

it’s frigid but you can think of
what you will do with the rest of your life
what loops you’ll occasion to touch

the sweetness of a bouquet of spices
the trumpets, trombones, multiple ones
impressive and blowing the room away
surprising us all and off we are under a moon
the lights twinkling and who would have thought
of all the places to go the one with you in the corner
was where it all began