Museum of Bad Art - "Doppelhangers" @svilletheatre #MOBA

The Museums of Bad Art is a famous institution in  Greater Boston. It features some of the best in really horrible art work in the nation. 

This "museum" is absolutely hilarious. Once housed in the basement of the Dedham Community Theatre, which is how I learned of it (from my Aunt Betty, who frequented that art-house cinema often), it is now housed in the basement of the Somerville Theatre. I was there to see the Slutcracker, but took some time after the show to view the latest exhibit at the MOBA, "DOPPELHANGERS: Selected works from the MOBA POOR-TRAITS collection that resemble, intentionally or not, famous people."

The best part of the bad art at the MOBA are the descriptions, which so perfectly parody the heady, exultant tones of any given Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) description, it just fills you with delight at the wit available in the world. 

Sunday on the Pot With George 


Mary Todd Lincoln


Mini Marilyn En Pointe



Yellow and Blue Prince


Inauguration Day 1961


Jazz Hands


Joan Crawford


President Kennedy Eating Ice Cream


Man in the Mirror


President Obama [and his Black President Predecessors]


President Clinton


Pablo Presley

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