Vintage Bridge an arts and culture notebook by Bridget Eileen

Vintage Bridge
Arts and Culture Notebook

I wanted a way to honor my wide array of interests in arts and culture, from politics to travel to food, entertainment to neopaganism to organization, and, of course, literature and poetry. I wear lots of hats--as seen on my style blog, VintageBridgeStyle.com--so how do I bring it all together? After a lot of thinking, I decided on a way to "do" my creativity and online content: this website Vintage-Bridge.com.

Vintage Bridge logo an online arts and culture notebook by Bridget Eileen

This is online arts and culture notebook covers:

  • Entertainment, Theater, Music, Burlesque and Cabaret
  • Visual Art, Vintage Style Decor, and Crafts
  • Vegetarianism, Herbalism, and Foodie Things
  • Travel, Tourist Attractions, Museums, and other Cultural Sites
  • Nature, Permaculture, and Urban Gardening
  • Neo-Paganism, Politics, and Feminism
  • Sex, Body, and Age Positivity 
  • Bargain Hunting, Personal Finance, and Organization
  • Journaling, Literature, Books,and (of course!) Poetry

Additionally, I have posted archives of past entires from the Bridget Eileen's Commonplace Book, as well as the jewelry-making site and the vegetarian notebook.

I'll post here on a mostly weekly basis. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for mostly daily posts. I also have accounts on Pinterest and Google Plus affiliated with this website.

You can also visit "Vintage Bridge Style: Retro Fashion on a Bohemian Budget" at VintageBridgeStyle.com, featuring plus size vintage and pin up style outfits, make up, and accessories on a bargain hunter's "bohemian budget." That will be the sole focus of VintageBridgetStyle.com and the affiliated social media: @VntgBridgeStyle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The rest of what I love to write about and share will be here, on regular old "Vintage Bridge: Arts and Culture Notebook" at Vintage-Bridge.com.

And the latest news about publications, poetry readings, and any other affiliated creative work I'm part of will be announced on Bridget-Eileen.com.

Thanks for joining me. Hope you enjoy!

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