If You've Never Been to Fenway - outside the park

So, I tried to take pictures of Fenway for someone who has never been there. If you've been there a million times, I think you take for granted all the nooks and crannies virgin eyes may see. I tried to see things like a tourist would, instead of a girl who can only remember the years she didn't go to Fenway ('98, '05) So, without further ado, here is my pictorial blog of Fenway. Click on any of the images to make them bigger:

This is what you see walking towards the park.

I went with my mom and dad and JenniferFo (2bMac), and Dad's not into walking far these days, so Mom dropped us off and found a spot a few blocks over.

Anyway, after traveling down Boylston for a little, you finally see the street sign for Yawkey Way.

Look how sparse this street is. One guy to the right, one person walking with shopping bags down the street a little. The plain old Boston heavy car traffic.

When you finally turn right onto Yawkey Way--it's a whole new ballgame (oh yeah, the Pun Queen rules). You've entered a block party, featuring lots of Sox merchandise and lots of sausage and peppers. (Honestly, I've been a vegetarian since I was 13 but those sausage and peppers grilling always smell so good. I do refrain, though. I do.)
After Dad finished wolfing down his sub, we were ready to enter.

Just before you enter, you see all the banner years, including good ol' 2004.

Ah, 2004. I think back on that year and it would have been such a bad year (Bush re-elected, leaving Lewiston, etc.) except that the Sox saved it by making my childhood dream come true. No more pain over '86 and certainly no more lamentation over 2003 and keeping Pedro in.

Anyway, I hope that these shots have illustrated the buzz surrounding the park before the game. This will be the last pic of this entry. Stay tuned for part 2: pre-game inside the holy land...