Not So Every Day Street Scenes

Not really every day. I mean, it should have been just an ordinary day, but no. It was like this:

1. First I saw an old lady with a baseball style t-shirt on, an indie rock type tshirt. It had a green monster on it. Not like Wally. Just a really ugly, weird looking monster that was green. She tucked her tshirt into her pants. She had on light colored blue jeans that were really high waisted, kind of like the ones I see on Kevin Bacon right now because Footloose is on VH1.
This image is from a hilarious article about 80s movie montages. See the full piece at .

Anyway, the lady and her interesting clothes were nothing compared to her hat. It was a trout. The front part of the baseball cap had the head of a trout sticking out of it. The back had the tail of a trout sticking out of it. I assume the middle of the trout was going through her head. Anyway, she was crossing the street near the hockey rink in Randolph.

2. Shortly after I saw trout lady, I saw a Buddhist monk in full golden robe regalia. Granted many miles down the road, near my mothers workplace in the next town over, there's a Buddist temple, but that's still not a sight you see every day on the back roads of the South Shore.

3. Later on in the evening, I saw a man in Davis Square outside of Mike's. I like Mike's. Anyway, the man was holding a disposable aluminum pan. Inside the aluminum pan, just sittin' out there for the world to puke at, was the char grilled head of a pig. Yes, a pig's head. Char grilled. Carried around in Davis Square Somerville on a balmy August night. In 2007.

So, you know, typical everyday day street scene. For people on acid.