Epistles to Ikea: Letter 1 Introduction

Epistles to IKEA, I

Dear IKEA,

Thank you for the lovely dinner that my sister and I ate in your cafeteria this past Tuesday. She had the chicken marsala, veggie medley and fries (instead of roasted potatoes). Maybe it was the setting, but the fries tasted just like the ones from high school.

I had the red pepper and mozzarella sandwich and a side of macaroni and cheese. The mac n chz was very creamy.

For dessert, I had the Laim Torte (or something like that) and she has the chocolate cake. The cake was a little dry but very chocolatey. The torte was to die for. I also tried the Lindonberry Ikea-brand soda. Tasty.

In addition to everything in the caf tasting good, the total bill for both of us came to $13. For this we are heartily grateful.

While the first time I entered your cafeteria made me feel self-conscious like the first day of school, I didn’t mind so much. And I was happy to put my tray away and clean off my table, in order to keep costs so low.

Thanks for this part of my virgin Ikea experience. I can’t wait to write about my new shelves.