I Finally Got It: The "Dear Sister" SNL Spoof

When the OC first came out, I totally loved it and watched it every week. Then I moved to a place that didn't have FOX on the UHF dial and I didn't have cable, so I stopped watching it. I'm now catching up on my OC re-runs occasionally from 6-7 on SoapNet.

It isn't often that I watch SNL, but I did happen to see the episode hosted Shia LaBeouf with a skit called "Dear Sister." I thought it was funny, but sort of weird.

Then I saw this season finale of the OC

Which then gave the the very delayed reaction of laughing hysterically because of this

And on YouTube, I found some other spoofs, which I missed while not watching TV...

There's this, from 300

And this, from the Lion King

This very stupid one about Super Mario Brothers

And this Loony Toon was already funny without the added parody, but it's even funnier with the little spoof added

But the piece de resistance is this, from the Office