Repost : Coffee = Love

You Know You Love It Baby


(For best results, press play on the video and listen to the song while reading the blog)

You probably have a higher tolerance for caffeine than I do. Just about everyone does. But I still love my cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes at night, I can't wait until I go to bed, so I can wake up and drink coffee.

My favorite way to have my coffee is with two inches of soy milk and one Splenda (sweetner from heaven).

The best coffee I've ever had was at Ikea. Sorry to continue obsessing on Ikea, but I'm telling you, it was good.

Okay, so if I have coffee after 2 PM, it will keep me up at least three hours past my bed time.


In the fall, I'm so happy because the Pumpkin Latte is back. Starbucks is the best but Dunkin' is closer to work so I get one of theirs every day. Small and lite is only 80 calories!

Oh god, I love coffee.