Ocean, the Earth Day Necklace

Ocean, the Earth Day Necklace - clay beads in blue and green and silver costume beads (the clay beads are recycled so its perfect for its namesake)


Ocean - If I'm not mistaken, I believe that Ocean now belongs to Colleen. But if you like it, I can make something like it for you. I got the big speckled beads off of a broken necklace I bought at the Goodwill in Bangor, Maine, back in freshman year of college (or at least early college). I'm not sure the material. I think it's clay. This is the mystery yet beauty of recycled beads. I also used white plastic mini pony beads, translucent blue bugle beads, and plastic green. I love the crinkled silver beads and just purchased some more, so be prepared to see them again. I chose the name Ocean for this because it reminds me of the colors of the shoreline: greens, blues and some glints of silver and white.