Alice Roosevelt Longworth

I watched a little C-SPAN Book TV today. Here is what was featured:

Alice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, from White House Princess to Washington Power Broker

Stacy Cordery was at the Politics and Prose bookstore talking about her book and taking some very smart questions from a rather astute audience. Although, what would one expect from people who went to a bookstore called "Politics and Prose" to hear about book about the daughter of a president. Imagine, though, if some gum chewing idiot girl were to get up and say, "Um, [chomp, chomp, chomp], like, she was, like, kind of a f*cking rebel, huh? Totally. But whatev. That's hot."

That wouldn't happen on C-SPAN.

So, who was Alice Roosevelt Longworth? From what I learned in the 45 minutes I spent watching the talk today, she was a behind the scenes political ... hmm ... political person? Not a good enough noun but it will have to do. She was also very independent - a given with the last name Roosevelt. She read everything, knew everything, talked to everyone, etc. etc. and was known for her "erudite conversations."

Here is the C-SPAN link, though I think you might have to pay to view the episode.