Music Time!!! (cont.) [pt 2]~Ben, Carole, and Some Cats~

In the previous blog, I began discussing "Music That's New to Me in 2007", purchased from iTunes this year, and all the little stories and links that go along with it. Consider it a tome to new and old music alike and the glory of having it all at your fingertips thanks to the magic of iTunes.

Let's see, what have I purchased since I first started my iTunes librarianship?

Ben Harper Burn to Shine because I lost my original - this is so funny that I mention this CD since I was just talking about the athlete crushes. This always reminds me of the time I was so antagonistically smitten with K evin! How appropriate!

Carole King Tapestry because of the Gilmore Girls' final season - Carole King is one kick ass songwriter, but you probably already knew that. Oddly enough, the song I think is the worst on Tapestry is "Tapestry". It's cheesy and canned. The rest all pack a little Carole King-ish punch. It was probably written by Manilow. I should do some research on that. It'll be in a follow up blog. This one's just an over view.

Cat Power The Greatest because Mom liked the Cat Stevens cover in the diamond commercial - I like her and I don't care who thinks she only "made it" because she is pretty and wear high fashion. The songs are still gorgeous.

Cat Stevens The Very Best of Cat Stevens because I lost or gave away my other one - I just mentioned his cover by Cat Power, but I got Cat Stevens because it reminds me of my 21st birthday. My mom took me out at 10 PM on the 13th. We had two pints of Guinness in a small pub and the live band in the bar, which had only about 15 people in it, played some Cat Stevens songs. My 21st birthday week was a fabulous celebration.

More to come!