Blenheim Ginger Ale

Seriously, this Blenheim ginger ale is more than just worth a blog post. It's apparently worthy of an entire fansite.

I'm drinking it tonight because my tum-tum hurty hurts. Ladies, you know how it is the first day Aunty Flow visits. I slept for four hours today and have been a raving lunatic. Rene wanted to go to my beloved Ikea tonight, but it's a no go for me. Too much effort.

The Blenheim at first sip made me sneeze three times. But, it gives quite a rush in the nostrils and that ginger does feel nice. This is that real kind of ginger ale - not too sweet but still somewhat sweet. Also a real, serious, biting ginger =snappy= sort of feel on the palate.

So, highly recommended for food poison victims, pregnant ladies in the first trimester, and ladies who are in the opposite of preggo land.

Good times.

PS Don't take a big sip. You'll cough.