Honey is even good in iced coffee

4/29 report

A Note on Smoothies

Berry Smoothie

Pasta Primavera with Goat Cheese

About Alzheimer's

On TV right now: Secretary

Dance Party USA

The Books That Are Not on the Shelves

Corina Copp and Dana Ward reading in Cambridge Apr 09

Recipe: Spinach & Mushroom Casserole

Let It Be

Update on today's report

Recipe: Fruit Chocolate and Coconut Granola Mix

New Granola Mix - mix with milk, yogurt or eat plain

John Wiener's Ghosthunter

on some stuff

the tree

more equations, so lame

from my journal...

Anais on her diaries

Good or bad thing: I bought a scale

Stumbled Upon a Clip from a Reading I went to in 2006

Pierre Joris in Orono for the New Writing Series

Those Blue Cups in NYC

Grove Press on NPR

Success success success (think Mick Jagger)

Why I'm Doing This

A meatless alternative to Bolognese Sauce - lots of fresh parlsey!

All about Fresh Parsley

Good Lord - Cougars

Tomato Carrot Salad Recipe

Tuna and Parsley Salad Melt Recipe

So It Ends, So It Begins

Best Take Out Italian: Comella's (located around Boston, including .5 mi from my house)

Pictogram on theory of poetry

Some quotations - Basil Bunting's Preface

Some quotations - Rothko review

Recipe: White Beans and Pasta

New Tori Coming in May...

Sacha Baron Cohen is back

Go. F*ck. Your. Self.

Hunger by John Wieners

Additional Supplements to diet

The Story of Nathaniel Ayers and Steve Lopez

Recipe: Korma Curry Potatoes & Veggies