Dancing in the Street with Bowie and Jagger

Just for the heck of it - Morton Feldman & Emily Dickinson

Theatre Seat Park

pidgeon kiss

Someone Who Rises

no words come where - 11/19

moon of true love - 11/18

Days in Limbo - 11/17

What Exists 11/16

The Boy Who Ran Away -11/15/09

"Whoopie!!!" for Keith Waldrop

More from Poetry Feb 1965

I <3 my printer

Sam Adams Cream Stout - Adventures in Beer

New Books - Caterpillar 7, Paul Klee and even Anne Sexton

Coffee House Porter - Adventures in Beer

Adventures in Beer - a new series

Coming back more often, I think

a poem for the old man by John Wieners

Exercising while cashiering

Walking: how am I doing?