Uforge - January 2016 Exhibit "Pages" & Mr Hip Presents Series: Talk on "Judging a Book by Its Cover"

Jamaica Plain's UForge Gallery Exhibit: "Pages" and Mr Hip Presents reading Series Event "Judging a Book by Its Cover

uforge gallery exhibit pages painting of girl

Last month before I headed out to New Orleans, I snuck in one local literary event: Mr Hip Presents Talk on "Judging a Book by Its Cover" which went with the theme of the venue, UForge Gallery in JP's January exhibit "Pages."
uforge gallery exhibit pages bronte

The exhibit was artist's renditions of covers inspired by various books.

uforge gallery exhibit pages greenery on proch

uforge gallery exhibit pages yellow wallpaper

uforge gallery exhibit pages fire

uforge gallery mr hip presents reading series january 2016

The talk featured Richard Hoffman (poet & writer, Emerson faculty and was my prof in grad school, too), Kate Layte, owner of Papercuts JP, Michael Medeiros of the Emily Dickinson Museum, & Kaveh Akbar (who will be participated virtually). They discussed impact of books, how to judge what works for your own work, what's appealing from a consumer standpoint and the different expereince between virtual and paper books.

uforge gallery mr hip presents reading series january 2016 donald vincent

And here is Donald Vincent, AKA Mr Hip, eating a vegan donut, next to the Hansel and Gretel mixed media painting. 

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