Vintage Bridge @AnArtsNotebook by Bridget Eileen

Vintage Bridge An Arts Notebook by Bridget Eileen

An Introduction to Vintage Bridge @AnArtsNotebook, run by Bridget Eileen

Vintage Bridge: An Arts Notebook is an arts and culture blog written by me, Bridget Eileen. 

I wanted a way to explore my diverse interests in arts and culture, from politics to poetry, neopaganism to burlesque, communications to bibliophilia. I decided that the best way to do so was to create this website, Vintage Bridge: An Arts Notebook.

Vintage Bridge - An Arts Notebook covers LOTS of topics, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Literature, Books, and Poetry
  • Writing, Journaling, and Communications
  • Entertainment, Theater, Music, Burlesque, and Cabaret
  • Visual Art, Vintage Style Decor, and Crafts
  • Vegetarianism, Herbalism, and Foodie Things
  • Travel, Tourist Attractions, Museums, and other Cultural Sites
  • Nature, Permaculture, and Urban Gardening
  • Neo-Paganism, Witchcraft, and Contemporary Pagan Communities 
  • Current Events, Politics, and Feminism
  • Bargain Hunting, Personal Finance, and Organization

Bridget Eileen, Blogging Since 2006

In addition to new content, I have also posted archives of past entires from my now-retired blogs: 
  • In the Pines (2006-2008) - general, diary like blog posts, as one would find in the advent of blogs
  • Neophyte Poetics (2008-2010) - where I fleshed out my critical thesis on the close reading of poetry,  for my Master of Fine Arts degree
  • Bridget Eileen's Commonplace Book (2010-2018) - a compilation of news, notes, and other musings
  • Dreaming Bridge Designs (2008-2010) - the handmade jewelry-making site 
  • A Vegetarian Notebook (2008-2013) - vegetarian recipes and vegetarian diet commentary 

Where to Find New Content from Bridget Eileen

I'll post here on a mostly weekly basis. You can follow me across social media at @AnArtsNotebook, especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social media links are listed on my social media page.

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My Other Blog: Vintage Bridge Style

You can also visit "Vintage Bridge Style: an Age, Body and Sex Positive Style Blog" at, featuring Plus-Size Vintage Witchy Fashion ideas for any age, in a range of styles from witchy boho, to cute and vintage, to sexy pin up style. Plus LOTS of accessories ideas, all on a bargain hunter's "bohemian budget." Age, Body, and Sex positivity-centered style is the focus of and the affiliated social media: @VntgBridgeStyle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The rest of what I love to write about and share will be here, on regular old "Vintage Bridge: An Arts Notebook" at

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Bridget Eileen's Homepage is

And the latest news about publications, poetry readings, and any other affiliated creative work I'm part of will be announced on

Thanks for joining me. Hope you enjoy!